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No Noodle Soup
Cost Apx $15 (Illinois, Jewel-Osco Grocery Store)
Serves 8
Approximately 275 Calories Per Serving

2 Pounds Chicken Breast (1500 Calories)
1/2 Table Spoon Salt
1/2 Table Spoon Black Pepper
1/2 Table Spoon Mediterranean Greek Seasoning

2 Bunches of Carrots (250 Calories About 10 Carrots)
1 Baking Potato (260 Calories)
2 Roma Tomatoes (70 Calories)
1 White Onion (55 Calories)
8 Cups of Water
1 Table Spoon Salt
1 Table Spoon Black Pepper
1 Table Spoon Thyme
1 Table Spoon Basil
1 Table Spoon Paprika

I unbag/unbox everything and placing it near the cutting board. I like using a wood cutting board because it doesn’t slide around on the counter. I remove the tops and tips of the carrots. I remove the top of the tomato and the outer layer of the onion. I peel the potato. Then i rinse all of the vegetables thoroughly.

I stack all of the rinsed veggies in a bowl for easy access. I chop things from dry to wet so the board stays dry/less messy as long as possible. So carrots onions potatoes tomatoes in that order.

Chopped veggies go directly into the pot with 8 cups of water.

Salt, Black Pepper, Thyme, Basil and Paprika are added to the water. Boil at medium heat for 25 minutes.

While the veggies are boiling its time to season the chicken. Salt, Pepper, Mediterranean Greek Seasoning. Chicken goes on the grill for 3 minutes each side.

Once the chicken has nice grill lines i chop it up. You can see that the chicken is not fully cooked.

Once the 25 minute timer goes off add the partially cooked chicken and continue boiling for 25 minutes.

The finished pot of No Noodle Soup serves 8.